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gold diamond ringHey there!

My name is Mandy and I’ll be walking you through the process of getting the absolute best engagement ring possible.

As you know, there is just so much to learn in a very short space of time, so I’ve put together a site that’s designed to make the whole process far easier, less stressful and take some of the intimidation out of the experience.

For those that have already done a bit of research and think that getting the ring of her dreams that also comes within your budget is impossible then you might like to think again it is very possible to get the perfect ring at the perfect price. As you read through the articles you will find out exactly how to do this and the best places to buy from.

What Other Services We Provide

Vintage Market Guide also provides information about vintage markets, sales & shows throughout the United States.

If you know of a vintage sale, large or small, and would like it to appear on Vintage Market Guide, please email me or leave a comment with any information you might have (event name, dates, address, website, etc). I’ll post it and link to your related blog post or website.

Here are a few more vintage markets, shows & flea markets happening in March (including one that runs through the first couple days of April).

*Thanks* to all of you who’ve been emailing me with vintage market information – I really appreciate it and it makes me want to hit the road and shop at some of these amazing shows you’ve been telling me about!

As always, if you know of an upcoming show you’d like to see on this blog, please email me. And if you’d like to add a Vintage Market Guide button to your blog (available on the right sidebar —>), I will jump for joy!

OK, follow along as we take you through the ins and outs of setting and diamond selection and show you where to get the best deals. We’ll even let you in on our story, how we found out first hand the difference between buying engagement rings offline and buying them online and how we saved ourselves a packet load of cash while getting a ring that was beyond our dreams!

Anyway, here’s a comparison of top online jewelers performed by an independent reviewer, so you don’t have to guess who the best is. For more details, visit http://beyond4cs.com/best-place-to-buy-engagement-ring/ …

Grab a chair and a coffee, a pen and paper – you are gonna want to take notes – here we go!