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With that quick intro out of the way, I want to showcase this month’s featured blog post which reveals tips on how you should size up jewelry deals in the secondary market.


Vintage Jewelry And Market Guide – Deal or No Deal? 

Many people often ask me questions about the correct approach to finding good buys in the secondary and this is the reason I wrote this article to provide you with insights…

In essence, estate jewelry simply refers to pre-owned jewelry that are placed on sale by the owners.

If you are willing to put in the effort to source for them correctly, you will be able to grab some fantastic deals for yourself. Could you imagine finding a stunning pair of sapphire Buccellati earrings or a graceful H-Stern bracelet that’s no longer in production?

Let me tell you that the feeling of hitting the jackpot is really indescribable when you find a piece of jewelry that you love.

Estate Sales Are Great Places to Start Browsing

So, where should you head to if you want to look for good selections and quality pieces of estate jewelry? Well, the answer would be – an estate sale.

Basically, estate sales take place when the owner of valuable possessions want to sell off their valuables quickly at the best possible prices they can get. In most cases, these type of estate sales are highly organized and carried out by 3rd party professionals or event companies.

Now, the main problem with estate sales is that most of the better buys are generally sold by the time an average person hears about them. Or unless you have a close relationship with the event organizer and you attended the VIP preview. The other problem is that an inexperienced person will be unable to tell which are the stuff that are worth purchasing and which ones that aren’t worth their prices.

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Research your Options – Are You Really Able to Acquire a Top Notch Jewelry Piece at the Best Price?

First of all, research your options thoroughly if you are intending to buy some jewelry from an estate sale. You can do this online before you physically attend the sale by browsing through the website of the organizer. I want to highlight that  prior research is crucial because it is easy to get distracted by the sheer volume of items that go on sale at the actual auction.

My advice is that you should not settle on the first jewelry article you come across. You should look around and carry out independent research with auction sites like eBay and Sotheby’s. This will enable you to compare prices and give you an idea whether you will be overpaying for a piece of jewelry.

Take a Professional Appraiser/Gemologist’s Advice

To some collectors, half the fun is perusing estate sales, finding pieces, and getting them appraised. For others, they just want to find the jewelry without the hassle and risk of paying too much for a piece of jewelry.

Before making a purchase from an estate sale, it is a good idea to get that piece appraised by a professional gemologist/appraiser. This will give you assurance that you are purchasing a geniune piece made of good quality artwork and value for your money.

In the latter case, it would just be better to find a professional in the business and purchase your piece of jewelry directly from them. The person you should contact would have to be an estate jewelry salesman and BUYER. The fact that they buy is key. It means they know how much the individual pieces are worth and can instantly determine the jewelry’s quality. This is a logical approach because someone who just sells will usually try to turn a profit at your expense. But with a person who buys, the person HAS to know their stuff!

I hope this short write up has shed some light on approaching estate sales. Good luck with your shopping!

GIA Graduate Gemologist