Second Hand And Used Diamond Engagement Rings – Are They a Good Idea?

used diamond rings

Even though he might want to bring down the stars for her, every man has to check his bank account before buying the most gorgeous engagement ring. Especially in today’s time when budgets are getting smaller and price tags are getting bigger, couples usually prefer on saving hard earned money to buy a bigger house or afford a luxurious lifestyle, rather than spend thousands of dollars on an engagement ring. However, this does not mean that they have to compromise on their wedding experience.

In order to buy the most stunning wedding gown, plan the most memorable honeymoon or save for your dream house, couples can save on the cost of buying a brand new diamond engagement ring by going for second-hand or used engagement rings for almost half the price.

Is It Bad Luck?

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton received an engagement ring from the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William that belonged to the Prince’s late mother, Lady Diana. The ring is worth $137,200 with a dazzling sapphire surrounded by 14 tiny diamonds. When the Princess of Britain can gladly accept an engagement ring that was pre-owned, it leaves no room for doubt that used engagement rings have no bad luck associated with them. It is just a negative stigma associated with buying second-hand or used rings.

Another celebrity who has worn a pre-owned engagement ring is American actress Katherine Heigl, whose ring has half of her mother’s engagement ring.

Benefits of Buying Second-Hand or Used Engagement Rings

– Affordable Price

One of the most prominent benefits of buying a second hand or used engagement ring is that couples have the opportunity to buy an extraordinary or vintage diamond engagement ring without the astronomical expensive price tag of a new one. This can help them save a large sum of money which can be invested elsewhere.

However, this does not imply that a second-hand or used diamond engagement ring will be of inferior quality. Second-hand high quality diamonds or precious metals like gold, white gold, or platinum can be easily found at reasonable prices. That said, you do need to perform your due diligence on cheap diamond rings with low-ball prices that are too good to be true. With some effort, you can come out on the better end and find good deals.

– As Good As New

Diamonds are not subject to wear and tear – they cannot be chipped or scratched. A diamond from yesterday and one from 200 years ago will look exactly the same. The sparkle and shine of diamonds remains unswerving over a span of centuries. So when a couple chooses to buy a second-hand or used engagement ring, the secret can stay between the two of them. Unless told, nobody will ever find out if the ring was pre-owned. Like diamonds, precious metals do not deteriorate over time. All they need is polishing and buffing and they can look as good as new.

– Long Lasting Style Statement

All jewelry trends, including those of wedding rings and engagement rings are subject to fashions trends. When couples are looking for the perfect ring, they might not realize that the current hot design might start looking outdated within a few years. It is only after new designs spring up that they realize their ring looks old fashioned. If a couple wants a ring whose beauty and charisma is timeless and does not comply with the current trends, they will definitely find the answer in a second-hand family heirloom or vintage jewelry.

As heirlooms and vintage diamond engagement rings last many years without losing their charm, a wide range of styles will be available. Antique or vintage second hand rings often have unique designs inspired by the era of kings and queens that are so much more eye-catching and appealing than some of the modern designs. In fact, some precious metals or unique diamond shapes that might be hard to find in the contemporary designs might be available in the market for second-hand jewelry.

Readily Available

With the far reaching prevalence of online shopping, it has become very convenient for second-hand and used jewelry to be widely available and accessible. Interested shoppers can browse through a wide variety of options offered by vendors from all over the world. They can also compare prices, quality and designs and make a reasonable without going over budget.