Which is Better – Antique Jewelry Or New Jewelry?

Jewelry is a popular way to adorn and decorate oneself; it has been around for the longest time yet it is still as popular as ever. Over time, different styles and kinds have been developed. Despite that, classic pieces never phase out. The ultimate question for you is what kind of jewelry should you go for? Old or new?

vintage jewelry

Personalities Ideal For Modern Jewelry

Modern jewelry is for those who are outgoing, modern and fresh. If you like wearing bold things that speak out, often this would be you category of choice. This would also appeal to you if you are a trend setter, or someone who loves innovation. You don’t mind trying something new or chartering unknown waters.

Majority of creative people prefers new things because it is something that promotes new ideas and fresh artistically. Modern jewelry also appeals greatly to the younger generations; this is because many of the younger people are often exposed to this kind of taste and style.

Personalities Ideal For Vintage Jewelry

Vintage or antique jewelry on the other hand, never seems to run out of style. This is because there are a lot of people who still know how to appreciate tradition, history and classic items. If you have an eye for anything elegant, and and timeless, then vintage is great for you.

Anything vintage, especially accessories, is great for people who like to come off as someone who is full of class and gives great importance to etiquette. Vintage jewelry is often worn by sophisticates and aristocrats. They use their clothing to express who are they are and what they stand for. This category is very popular among them because many aristocrats give strong importance to history. They also have the financial capability of purchasing antique jewelry as they are often more expensive than their modern counterparts.

It All Depends On The Occasion

Choosing whether to go with modern or vintage pieces also depend on the occasion. If you are looking to wear it to work, then something modern would be good because it shows that you are someone who can keep up with changing times and the often fast paced world professionals now work in. But if you are looking to wear this piece on special occasions like Galas or Balls, vintage is the better choice. This is because it adds a touch of style and elegance to any outfit you are going to wear.

The type of jewelry you prefer greatly depends on your personality. It is best that you get something you truly like and what would reflect you as a person.